Frequenty Asked Questions

Do I need a new roof?

The average lifespan of shingles is between 15-25 years. You will know your roof is wearing out if you see evidence of cracking, curling, discolouration, algae growth, moss, missing shingles, and loss of granules. You also may see signs of water leakage in the attic.

Can I reshingle over my existing roof?

We really do not recommend this because it is important to inspect the roof sheathing underneath to ensure that it is solid and not showing signs of deterioration or rotting. Also, a new roof will not lay flat over a pre-existing one, and lastly, the existing roof must be removed to properly install ice and water shield and/or underlayments.

Do I need to use ice and water shield and or underlayments under my new roof?

Leaks and damage can result from the build-up of ice and snow on your roof. We highly recommend ice and water-shield protection along the eaves on all the roof pitches. On lower-sloped roofs we recommend covering the entire roof sheathing with an underlay in addition to the ice and water shield.

Do I have enough vents?

Older homes are typically under-ventilated. When we provide you with an estimate for your roof, we calculate the correct number of vents required as well as inspecting for proper soffit ventilation.

Are estimates free?


Which do you think is better: open metal valleys or closed valleys (shingles overlapped)?

Both types of valley, if installed properly, will be waterproof and meet the warranty requirements; however, the shingle manufacturers strongly recommend an open metal valley, and so do we.

Can you walk on a metal roof?

Yes, you can but please be careful whenever walking on any roof.

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