Metal Roofs

Why a Metal Roof?

If you’re thinking about re-roofing, renovating or building a new home then a metal roof should strongly be considered. A metal roof installed properly requires very little maintenance and will not rot, mould, or burn. The biggest benefit to metal roofing is that it will last decades, (yes, decades!), longer than most other roofing alternatives. It’s also not susceptible to high winds or critter infestations. Metal roofs contain recycled material and are 100% recyclable so that you’ll never need to dispose of other types of roofing shingles into a landfill anymore. The ultimate green option.

More affordable than ever before, investing in a metal roof is a great choice. They look great, provide superior protection from weather, are maintenance-free and are much better for the environment.

Normal roofing materials have a shorter life span than metal roofs and will need to be replaced often, especially in areas that have varying hot and cold temperatures and high weather activity such as Canada. With increasing material and labour costs this could become expensive over the life of your home. A roof purchase isn’t something you should have to keep worrying about needing to re-do. Metal roofs come with life-time warranties and investing now will save you money in the future as you’ll never have to re-roof again. Additionally, they look great and the durability of metal roofs can help increase the resale value of your home, should you ever decide to sell.

Metal Roof Coatings

Stone Coated

• Coarse stone-coated finish
• Traditionally used more for residential
• Fairly silent, coating deadens the sound
• Holds snow and ice so it will not slide off and damage property below
• Doesn’t require snow guards


metal roof




• More cost effective
• Shiny smooth finish
• Reflects 100% of UV rays
• Requires snow guards
• Stays clean

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